Trump Jr. Just Misspelled A Lie-Ridden Tweet About Abortion


The president’s embattled oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., just posted an anti-abortion tweet featuring an unattributed quote that is patently false:  “An #abortion worker laughingly comments about late-term abortion: ‘They come out crying and looking for their mama.”

But the pièce de résistance of the entire tweet is how Don Jr. spelled “aisle” in “both sides of the aisle,” as if it were an island. Not only is the quote that the First Son endorsed scientifically false, the page the tweet links to offers neither any context nor a source.

It is a “Defund Planned Parenthood” fundraising page for the American Center for Law and Justice “not-for-profit,” run by Trump lawyer, Jay Sekulow , who, like Trump Jr., is being looked at by Special Prosecutor Mueller’s team for his role in the alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.  He is also being investigated authorities in two states for his nonprofit’s possible misuse of funds.

To make matters worse, the picture has nothing whatsoever to do with late-term abortions. It is in fact an Atlantic photograph of a premature baby.

Trump Jr. seems to have inherited his father’s ignorance both of women’s issues and of basic spelling.


  1. HEY … Donald Jr.! YES YOU YOU DUMBS**T! First, let’s get something straight. An opinion does not change science or scientific facts. Stop stating your opinion as, just like your stupid ignorant father, words count and the two of you produce almost nothing but lies.

    Here are some realities that, hopefully, will clarify the FACTS surround third trimester. I have no hope for changing belief with facts.

    According to a study published in “” that examined 777 abortions, the team of Barel, Vaknin, Smorgick, Relis, Mendiovic, Herman, Maymon wrote a report titled, “Fetal abnormalities leading to third trimester abortion: nine-year experience from a single medical center.”

    Here is a summary of the results that I copied and pasted directly from the abstract:

    There were 777 cases of TOP (terminations of pregnancy) due to fetal anomalies in our center during the study period, and 52 terminations were carried out in the third trimester. All cases of third-trimester abortions were due to severe malformations with high probability of perinatal death or severe handicap: 65.3% anomalies were structural, and 58.9% of them involved the central nervous system (CNS). Genetic indications included mostly genetic diseases, unlike aneupluidities (actually spelled aneuploidies and as my biology students had to learn it means an abnormal # of chromosomes) in earlier terminations. Routine prenatal care raised suspicion of abnormalities in 22 (42.3%) cases, and diagnosis was established by additional tests. Abnormal findings were either missed in 4 (7.7%) cases or developed later in 11 (21.1%) cases. No routine prenatal screening was performed in the remaining 15 (28.8%) cases.

    Research from the University of California San Francisco found that fetuses can’t perceive pain before 29 or 30 weeks of development.

    This information, of course, means that of the 777 abortions performed, the remaining 725 (94%) were performed prior to the third trimester when the fetus is incapable of feeling pain.

    In reality, in the US 65.8% of all abortion occur during the first eight weeks of gestation when the mass of cells (zygote and embryonic stages) that could potentially become human is indecipherable from other organisms. 91% of abortions occur in the first 13 weeks. 98.7% of all abortions occur prior to 20 weeks of gestation. You’ve already read about those happening during the last trimester.

  2. I have a HUGE problem with the people who say a baby is a baby upon conception but they don’t want to offer programs to help these babies and or mothers. I would rather they have the option of choice because these people can not make them a good parent or assure that child has food some people should just NOT be parents. And it’s NOT your body they are harming so shut up or back up your words and support that child till adulthood if you can’t promise that GET OUT OF THEIR FACE. You have NO idea what is going on or the circumstances of said pregnancy so it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  3. Now about donnie jr. he like his brother and father are not good in learning stuff. Their servants (slaves) did the homework for the boys of the family. And if they weren’t going to pass daddy either contribute money or builds something for the school so that they got passed. Ivanka learned while in school so she isn’t as pathetic. So shut up little donnie your opinion is NOT welcome here.


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